J Finn Industries, LLC Takes Care of Damaged Merchandise

If you have not visited Jay Findling, New Jersey Businessman account on Google Sites then you might not know this. We get rid of damaged stuff! If you have any returned or damaged merchandise then Jay Findling is the solution you need. You don’t have to spend your important energy and time looking for someone to help.

We value your business and that is why we take such issues off your shoulder so you can concentrate on important matters in your business. J Finn industries is reliable and with a solid background. We are proudly more than a quarter a century old in the industry. As a private entity, we are the largest in the US and the Citibank rates us as one of the best serving company. Being ranked top by reliable institutions should instill confidence in you that we deliver what we promise. J Finn Industries, LLC account on Quora is active and we would love to serve you.

It is a normal situation shipping products and then you find a portion of them damaged. You then receive them back from the recipients because that is not what they expected. What then do you do? You have several options. You can store it (where it can rot before being disposed), give it away for free or trust us with it and get profits as a result.

Our network is broad and we have partners who sell such merchandise. Through this you will have found space to store your other goods and also get some profit off the stuff. This is way better than rotting products in your warehouse.

We are efficient and really focused on making you happy. If you have merchandise that has been returned because they are in bad shape, contact us to get our services.

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