Jay Findling, New Jersey Businessman – Business Advisory Services Through J Finn Industries

Jay Findling, through J Finn Industries, continues to provide businesses with advisory services including but not limited to: overstock clearing, business liquidation, inventory financing and insolvency. He will look at your business and, before taking any action, suggest the best direction then let you make your own decision based on this information. With time this has worked for all businesses, whether small, medium or large.

Jay Findling Financing Solutions through J Finn Industries has helped many businesses to spring back to life and avoid closure. He provides overstock liquidation, obsolete stock liquidation and asset financing when a business requires a short term injection of cash but cannot meet the minimum requirements for a loan from a higher financial institution. When you receive notice of payment, which you cannot honor, from you creditors and end up in court, Jay Findling will bail you out through his expertise on insolvency issues. In the event that you cannot save your business he will help you with business liquidation and close out stock liquidation as required by law. He will help you sell your assets, pay the creditors and maintain the necessary documentation for tax reports. The process will be much easier as you won’t even have to deal with repackaging and shipping of inventory.

For quarter of a century J Finn Industries has been in existence hence giving its staff the valuable experience and expertise to provide both small and large businesses with the necessary advisory services. The company, now the largest privately owned company in the United States, has been given an A rating by some higher financial institutions including the Bank of America, Wachovia as well as Citibank. Positive online reviews by its customers can also attest to the firm’s high quality, reliable and efficient services. Contact Jay Findling today for any financing solutions.

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